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Cando Kina Pots 150g

Respected among the sea’s most sublime delicacies.

Respected among the sea’s most sublime delicacies, kina are hand-harvested by our deep sea divers with small, precise, but modest equipment. This results in very little unintended catch of other species, while also preventing damage to the ocean floor, altogether making for a far less intrusive and more sustainable operation than is commonplace with other seafoods.

Each round, spiky shell contains only 4 – 5 delicate tongues of edible uni in different shades of orange and golden yellow. Uni has a deep, buttery flavor packed with umami, and luscious texture that melts onto your palate. All of this is layered atop a brisk, invigorating fragrance of the ocean, leading many to describe eating uni as experiencing the very essence of the sea.

$26.00$33.99 per punnet
Minimum order 20 punnets